Steps for Starting

There are several simple steps involved:

  1. The 45 minutes Baby Ballerina Class for the 3 to 5 yr old is on in the mornings of Tuesday to Saturday: parents can watch.
  2. Little Cherubs is for 2 to 3 years of age and a parent joins in as our little dancers still need one to one guidance. When our little dancers can follow the teacher they go up to the 3 year old class. Little Cherubs is on at Tues 9:30 or Thur 9:30 (the 3 year old class is after this)
  3. For the first class or on our trial day our little dancers wear a fairy dress or similar, socks and a water bottle for a break. Don’t buy anything new as our little dancers can purchase a full uniform from our shop
  4. The cost per school term (10 weeks) in 2018 is $175. This amount must be paid prior to commencing the second week. The term fee includes tuition, GST and the registration fee. Fees are non-refundable. Your second term rolls over automatically and fees for that term are due before the next term commences.
  5. In our studio shop we offer a Ballet starter pack for $90 for the uniform; which covers the tu-tu, ballet shoes, tights or socks and ballet bag.
  6. If you have not sent your dancer’s name, the next step would be to send an email via our contact form with the dancer’s name, DOB and age, day (all morning classes).
  7. Your first week is regarded as a trial, if you wish to continue complete a registration form and that class would be counted as part of the term. If you attend the trial and do not wish to continue there is no obligation.
  8. We operate at Oakdale Road Studios, 4/9 Oakdale Road Gateshead, NSW